about septem sensu

about septem sensu

Markus Götz - septem sensu

Who is behind septem sensu?

That's me, Markus Götz and my big hobby is photography and why?

...because photography is fun...

And here is my brief history:

I currently specialize in photographing people. It's always nice to talk to other and new people. When it comes to photography, I particularly like the staged but natural. That may be a bit contradictory, but just look at my work and you'll probably understand better what I mean. Of course, I also have role models, one of whom is Ruslan Lobanov from Ukraine. Even if my paintings have a completely different style, I love his work, his style. For me a very big photographer in today's world. But now something about my past and how I came to the most beautiful hobby in the world.

The hobby of photography started at the age of 12. With an Exa 1C I took full pictures of the first films. This is also where the first experiences in the darkroom began. The results with a contact exposure of the negatives on photographic paper were not very satisfactory. I tried to expose the negatives on photo paper with a slide projector. About half a year later I got a real exposure device from my father and so a lot of more or less bad photos were taken. However, it was fun and I was proud.

At some point I put my priorities on other hobbies and photography only came back in 2003 with digital cameras. Here I wanted to capture the sport of wrestling in an image. Trials with various compact cameras were anything but satisfactory and very frustrating. I saved myself a Sony DSC F-828 and Metz Mecablitz 44 MZ-2 with adapter. The results of the pictures in wrestling have inspired me. During this time I also took photos for a regional newspaper and for a trade magazine. I also gained my first experiences with shootings during this time.

Due to time constraints, I had to put my hobby on hold for a while and only started to actively photograph again in 2016.

"Even in the early days, when the photographer measured the exposure time himself, when the developer was meticulously mixed in the darkroom in order to achieve certain effects, there was manipulation. In fact, every photo from A to Z is a fake. A completely factual, unmanipulated one Photo is practically impossible. In the end, it's just a question of measure and skill."

Quote: Edward Steichen