Cool graffiti and a perfectly modeled Sophie Art

Cool graffiti and a perfectly modeled Sophie Art

An underpass in Plauen as the perfect shooting location - together with the model Sophie Art from Nuremberg, a perfect combination

Since it was pretty dark in this underpass, I had a Godox V1 on a light stand for lighting support, which was controlled via the Godox Xpro. All pictures were taken with my favorite portrait lens, the 85mm F1.4 Art from Sigma and of course at full aperture. The images were post-processed on the BenQ PD3200U.

The underpass at Plauen Central Station is a great location for a photo shoot.

Sophie Art shows her confident and fearless side as she walks through the underpass. The striking poses and their expressiveness perfectly bring out the energy of the urban environment. The graffiti artwork serves as an inspirational backdrop and provides a striking contrast to Sophie Art's captivating look.

The underpass serves as a stage for their collective creativity and allows them to create extraordinary shots. Each image showcases a different facet of Sophie Art's personality, underscoring her versatility as a model.

Sophie Art literally merges with the creative elements of graffiti and captures the essence of urban culture. Her poses are dynamic and let her personality shine. The interaction of Sophie Art and the environment gives the pictures a unique touch.

The images in the photo series captivate the viewer and let him immerse himself in the world of street style. Sophie Art's power of expression and her extraordinary styling make each picture a work of art in itself. The graffiti on the walls create a unique atmosphere that gives the images extra depth and liveliness.

Every step that Sophie Art takes in the underpass is accompanied by a mysterious elegance. The gloomy walls and the play of light and shadow create a captivating atmosphere that stimulates the imagination. The images capture the sombre aesthetic of the place and immerse the viewer in a world of hidden secrets.

The photo series from the gloomy underpass in Plauen with Sophie Art takes us on a fascinating journey into a world of darkness and mysterious charm. Amidst the shady atmosphere of the underpass, a unique tension is created, which is reflected in the pictures.

Sophie Art, brave and powerful, roams the gloomy tunnel with an almost magnetic attraction. Her expressiveness and her strong gaze stand in stark contrast to the surroundings and make her appear like a shining light in the darkness. The graffiti on the walls seem to literally glow and give the scenery a mysterious and at the same time exciting aura.

Portrait photography and the use of flash outdoors - high-contrast and natural shots

Light plays a crucial role in outdoor portrait photography and sometimes it may be necessary to use a flash to achieve the desired result. Here are some points to keep in mind when considering the use of flash for outdoor portrait photography:

  • Balanced Exposure: When using flash outdoors, it is important to achieve balanced exposure. The flash should complement, not overwhelm, the natural ambient light. Experiment with your flash settings to find the right balance between flash and ambient light.
  • Softbox or diffuser: To make the flash light appear softer and more natural, you can use a softbox or diffuser. These tools diffuse the light and avoid harsh shadows and reflections. This is particularly useful for casting a soft and flattering light on your model's face.
  • Backlight: The flash can also be used as a backlight to add depth and dimension to the image. By placing the flash behind the model and aiming it at the background, you can create interesting lighting effects and add some vibrancy to the image.
  • Flash sync: Make sure your flash is synced to your camera to ensure correct exposure. Most cameras offer various options for flash sync, such as TTL (Through-The-Lens) mode, which controls exposure automatically, or manual mode, which allows you to set the flash output yourself.
  • Use reflectors: In addition to flash, you can also use reflectors to direct and control natural light. Reflectors can reflect available light and lighten shadows to evenly illuminate your model's face.
  • Take test shots: Take test shots to check exposure and light setup. Check the histogram of your shots to make sure there are no overexposed or underexposed areas. If necessary, adjust the settings to get the results you want.
  • Preserving naturalness: When using flash for outdoor portrait photography, it is important to preserve the model's natural radiance and character. Make sure the flash complements the natural light and flatters the model's face without looking unnatural or overexposed.

The use of flash in outdoor portrait photography opens up numerous possibilities to create creative and impressive images. With practice and experimentation, you can use flash effectively to get the results you want and enhance the natural beauty of your subjects outdoors. However, make sure that the flash does not spoil the atmosphere and character of the surroundings.

Using flash in outdoor portrait photography offers a variety of creative ways to improve the quality and appearance of your images. By skilfully using the flash, you can complement natural light, lighten shadows, and create interesting lighting effects. With a little practice and experimentation, you can master the technique of flash and create stunning outdoor portraits.

Model: Sophie Art

Publisher: septem sensu

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