Close-up portrait of the pretty Italian Tiziana from Hesse

Close-up portrait of the pretty Italian Tiziana from Hesse

Portrait – frontal and tight cut

A portrait, frontal and close-fitting, of the pretty Italian Tiziana from Hesse. During a phone call, my colleague and friend told me that he would have visitors from Hesse over the weekend. I spontaneously offered to show them a few beautiful spots in the Vogtland. As life goes, constant rain was announced on the said day and so I invited the two to my house to chat a little together and also to drink one or the other beer / wine.

It quickly turned out that Tatilein (my friend's visitor's nickname) herself liked to take pictures and that this is one of her hobbies. And so we talked extensively about various topics of this great hobby.

Later in the evening we had the idea to take some portrait shots of her and this picture was created from this session. All in all it was a successful and enjoyable evening.

It's always nice to meet new people and I think that photography as a hobby is just perfect for that.

Thank you so much Tiziana for the entertaining evening and for making yourself available for this picture. If you're in the area again, I'd love to see you.

I photographed this portrait with the Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art with the aperture fully open.

The light required to shoot at ISO 50 was provided by my two Godox SK400II flashes with large Phot-R soft boxes.

The post-processing took place as usual on the BenQ PD3200U, with which it is always fun to work out the details.

50mm lens in portrait photography - the Nifty Fifty a popular choice

The 50mm lens is a popular choice in portrait photography and is often referred to as the Nifty Fifty. It features a fixed focal length of 50mm and offers a host of benefits that make it an extremely versatile tool for creating stunning portraits.

  • Natural angle of view: The 50mm lens has an angle of view that is very similar to the natural view of the human eye. As a result, the portraits appear authentic and realistic, and the people depicted appear as they are perceived in reality.
  • Low distortion: Compared to wide-angle lenses, the 50mm lens often avoids distortion on the face, resulting in a pleasing and natural depiction of facial features. This makes it ideal for classic portrait shots.
  • Shallow depth of field: The 50mm lens usually has a large maximum aperture, such as f/1.8 or f/1.4. This can produce a shallow depth of field where the main subject is in focus while the background appears blurred or out of focus. This creates a beautiful bokeh effect that makes the main subject stand out and draws a focused gaze to the subject.
  • Compact and lightweight: 50mm lenses tend to be compact and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for travel. Photographers can easily carry it in their camera bag and capture spontaneous portraits without carrying much extra weight.
  • Aperture: Most 50mm lenses have a high aperture, which means that they can also produce good results in low light conditions. This allows the photographer to shoot portraits in low light or indoors without a flash while maintaining high image quality.
  • Versatility: The 50mm lens is not only suitable for portraits, but can also be used for a variety of other types of photography, such as street photography, landscape photography and everyday situations.

When using a 50mm lens in portrait photography, photographers should take care to choose the correct aperture to achieve the desired depth of field. A large aperture like f/1.8 or f/1.4 works well for portraits with a blurred background, while a smaller aperture like f/8 or f/11 works well for portraits with a greater depth of field and more background detail.

Overall, the 50mm lens is a valuable tool for photographers engaged in portrait photography. It offers a natural perspective, low distortion, shallow depth of field, high aperture and versatility that make it an indispensable companion for creating stunning portraits. Whether for professional shoots or spontaneous snapshots - the 50 mm lens is a worthwhile investment for every portrait photographer.

Nifty Fifty - 50mm fixed focal length lens

The term Nifty Fifty refers to a specific lens in photography, namely the 50mm lens with a fixed focal length. This lens is very popular with many photographers and got its name because of its versatile and impressive features.

The Nifty Fifty lens has a 50mm focal length that offers a natural perspective similar to the human eye on full-frame cameras. On APS-C or crop sensor cameras, the effective focal length is typically around 75mm, making it a great lens for portraits and other shots.

The popularity of the Nifty Fifty lens is due to several factors:

  • Compact Design: Nifty Fifty lenses tend to be lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel and impromptu photo sessions. Photographers appreciate the handiness of the lens, as it easily fits in a camera bag.
  • Low distortion: The 50mm lens usually produces minimal distortion in the recordings. As a result, the facial features of the portrayed are presented naturally and unadulterated.
  • Fast aperture: Many Nifty Fifty lenses have a large maximum aperture, typically f/1.8 or even f/1.4. This allows photographers to take high-quality shots without a flash, even in low light conditions, and blur the background beautifully.
  • Affordable: Compared to many other lenses, Nifty Fifty lenses are often more affordable, making them an attractive option for photographers on a budget.
  • Versatility: Although Nifty Fifty lenses are often associated with portraits, they are also suited to other photography genres such as street photography, landscape photography and everyday situations. Their natural field of view allows photographers to capture different scenarios in an appealing way.

In the photography community, the term Nifty Fifty has become an affectionate term for this versatile lens. It's a tool appreciated by both novice and experienced photographers alike, as it allows for high-quality shots and is an asset to any camera kit.

Whether for portraits with a beautiful background blur, impressive street photos or authentic everyday situations - the Nifty Fifty lens is a faithful companion that expands photographic potential and opens up creative possibilities.


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