Closeup portrait of Lisa from Thuringia

Closeup portrait of Lisa from Thuringia

Bright eyes and a delicate, natural smile of the model Lisa from Sonneberg in this close-up portrait

This close-up portrait of Lisa was created in the studio. For more than two years, Lisa has been one of my regular and favorite models. We understand each other almost blindly during a photo session, which makes working with her always a lot of fun. Lisa is a cheerful person, which sometimes ends in fits of laughter when she has serious facial expressions. But she masters even this and always produces great pictures.

As is already our tradition, before we get to work, we chat for a while. Since a friendship has formed through the long time of working together, there is always a lot to report.

Afterwards we will talk about the photos that should be taken and what you had in mind. This is often where great new ideas come from. Then it's time to get to work and with short breaks, the pictures are usually taken quickly. Good groundwork and preparation is very important here.

Now a few more technical details about this closeup:

I photographed this character portrait with a Sigma Contemporary 17-70 with aperture 4, an exposure time of 1/500 second, a focal length of about 50mm and an ISO sensitivity of 100. Two Godox SK400II studio flashes provided the necessary light. The one flash with a large softbox was in front of and a little to the right and aimed from above in front of Lisa. The other flash for the hair light and some background atmosphere, left behind the model. The post-processing took place as usual on the BenQ PD3200U.

In order to steer the viewer's eye a bit and to bring the pretty face even more into the foreground, I added a slightly stronger vignette.

Character portraits the very special kind of portrait photography

Character portraits are a special type of portrait photography that focuses on depicting a person's personality and individual character. Unlike classic portraits, which often focus on external beauty, character portraits are about capturing a person's unique traits, emotions, and expressions.

Character portraits are a way of celebrating the diversity and individuality of each person. They offer the chance to tell stories and to create a connection between the portrayed and the viewer. Through the conscious use of light, composition, colors and backgrounds, character portraits can create a certain mood and atmosphere and capture the essence of the person portrayed.

When photographing character portraits, it is important to establish a basis of trust with the person portrayed in order to create a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. The photographer can use various techniques to bring out the character of the person portrayed. This includes, among other things, choosing a suitable setting that reflects the personality of the person portrayed, as well as targeted guidance and interaction in order to achieve natural and expressive poses.

A successful character portrait is characterized by its uniqueness. It captures the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of a person, be it through the expression in the eyes, the posture or the gestures. These can be traits such as strength, vulnerability, self-confidence or playfulness. The goal is to tell a story through the image and make the viewer connect with the person portrayed.

Character portraits are used both in professional photography and in the private sector. They serve as a reminder of special moments, as an expression of personality in application documents or as part of artistic projects. By consciously designing character portraits, the photographer can help to highlight a person's individual beauty and uniqueness and stimulate the viewer to think and reflect.

Overall, character portraits offer a wonderful way to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person and to express their personality. By consciously designing light, composition and expression, character portraits can create a strong emotional impact and lead the viewer to connect with the person portrayed. Character portrait photography is a creative and inspirational style of portrait photography that showcases a person's individuality and personality.


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