Tight portrait of Lisa on a home shoot

Tight portrait of Lisa on a home shoot

Home shooting with Lisa from Sonneberg - backdrops, outfits and accessories are already in place

I find more and more fun in portraits in natural surroundings and the close-fitting ones are my thing anyway. How are you, where do you prefer to take your portraits or where do you prefer to have your picture taken?

This image was taken in my living room with my Canon camera and a Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens wide open. In post-processing on the BenQ PD3200U I was able to get a lot of small details out.

I would also like to thank my favorite model Lisa again for the great shoot.

Homeshooting: Creative photography at home - personal photos in familiar surroundings

The home shoot is an exciting opportunity to create unique and personal photos in a familiar environment. Instead of in a photo studio or at a specific location, the shooting takes place directly in your own four walls. This offers numerous advantages and opens up a multitude of creative possibilities.

A home shoot makes it possible to focus on the individual personality and character of the photo motif. The familiar environment creates a relaxed atmosphere in which natural and authentic recordings can be created. Whether alone, with family or partner - the home shooting offers the opportunity to capture memories and capture special moments.

The big advantage of a home shoot is the flexibility. Your own home offers a variety of interesting backdrops and backgrounds that can be used for varied and individual recordings. Whether in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garden or in the bedroom - the different rooms and details offer a variety of design options. A clever play of light and shadow, colors and textures creates unique images with a personal flair.

Another advantage is the possibility to use different outfits and accessories from your own closet. In this way, personal style and individual preferences can be perfectly expressed. Whether elegant evening wear, casual leisure wear or creative costumes - the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Good preparation is important for a successful home shoot. Thorough planning in advance, choosing suitable locations in your own home, putting together suitable outfits and considering poses and ideas are crucial for the success of the shoot. In addition, attention should be paid to good lighting in order to achieve atmospheric pictures.

h2>Checklist for photographers doing a home shoot:

  • Preliminary meeting: Clarify all the details with the model in advance, such as the time, the place and the desired shots. Also discuss possible outfits and accessories.
  • Check location: Before the shoot, inspect the premises to find suitable areas for photos. Make sure you have enough space, good lighting and interesting backgrounds.
  • Prepare equipment: Make sure you have all the necessary camera equipment, lenses, flashes and accessories with you. Also think about enough batteries and memory cards.
  • Check lighting conditions: Assess the natural light in different rooms and consider whether additional lighting is needed. Use the available light to your advantage to create atmospheric images.
  • Collect poses and ideas: Think in advance which poses and ideas you want to implement. Have a list of inspirations ready to help the shoot go smoothly.
  • Plan outfits and accessories: Discuss with the model in advance the outfits and accessories she can bring. Think about how these can best be used and support the desired mood.
  • Use existing furniture and props: Think about incorporating existing furniture, decorations, or props in the model's home into your shots. These can make the picture more interesting and add a personal touch.
  • Communication with the model: Maintain open communication with the model during the shoot. Explain the poses and instructions clearly, and make the model feel comfortable and confident.
  • Allow creativity: Be open to spontaneous ideas and experiment with different angles, perspectives and compositions. Let your creativity run free and try out new techniques.
  • Post-processing: Post-processing of the images is an important step after the home shoot. Edit the photos carefully, making sure they reflect the desired style and vibe.

With this checklist you are well prepared to carry out a successful home shoot. Remember that every home shoot is unique and should adapt to the individual needs and desires of the model. Have fun taking photos!


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