Roadtrip 2022 - beach shooting in Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom with Sophie Art

Roadtrip 2022 - beach shooting in Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom with Sophie Art

Sun, beach, sea and the beautiful Sophie Art - creative collaboration and have fun on our road trip along the Baltic Sea

For the first time the Sigma Art 105mm F1.4 DG HSM for the right use and what can I say, absolutely perfect for outdoor full-body portraits. The bokeh is stunning. I had to partially fade out to get some structure in the background. The other pictures were taken with the proven Sigma Art 85mm F1.4 DG HSM.

The photo series with the beautiful model Sophie Art from Nuremberg in a white bikini, which was taken during a photo shoot on the beach in Heringsdorf next to the pier on the island of Rügen, was an absolute highlight of our Baltic Sea road trip. Sophie radiated her natural beauty and matched the picturesque backdrop perfectly.

The beach in Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea provided the ideal setting for this shoot. The fine sand, the turquoise water and the characteristic pier created an idyllic backdrop that harmonized perfectly with Sophie's white bikini. The sun shone warmly from the sky and bathed the scenery in a soft light.

Sophie impressed with her presence and her professional demeanor in front of the camera. Her grace and confidence were reflected in every pose. She embodied the spirit of summer and relaxation while exuding a natural elegance.

The photo shoot on the beach was a mix of fun and creative collaboration. We explored the different areas of the beach together and experimented with different perspectives and angles. Sophie was open to new ideas and brought her own creative vision, which led to impressive results.

The Baltic Sea road trip and the photo shoot at Heringsdorf beach will always be unforgettable memories. It was a unique opportunity to capture the natural beauty of Sophie Art while enjoying the stunning coastline of the Baltic Sea.

The white bikini Sophie wore accentuated her perfectly formed curves and complemented the beach backdrop perfectly. The contrast of the white fabric with the blue sea and golden sand created an aesthetic balance that drew the eye and made the shots even more captivating.

The photo shoot on the beach was characterized by a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Sophie clearly enjoyed walking in the sand, playing with the waves and letting the sea breeze caress her. This playful atmosphere was reflected in the images and gave them a lively energy.

During the shoot we experimented with different scenarios and poses to take full advantage of Sophie's versatility and the beauty of the beach. Sometimes she lay gently in the sand, sometimes she stood proudly on the rocks next to the pier and sometimes she danced with the waves. Each moment has been captured with passion and dedication to capture the uniqueness of the moment.

Sophie Art and I had the opportunity to realize our artistic vision while enjoying the natural splendor of the Baltic Sea. This series of photos will always remain a special part of our memories of the Baltic Sea road trip.

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Model: Sophie Art

Publisher: septem sensu

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