Photo series from the holiday apartment in Wiek on the island of Rügen, during our road trip, with the charming model Sophie Art on a coffee table

Photo series from the holiday apartment in Wiek on the island of Rügen, during our road trip, with the charming model Sophie Art on a coffee table

Our companion, the model Sophie Art from Nuremberg, during our Baltic Sea road trip, at a photo shoot in a holiday apartment in Wiek

Always ideal for interiors, I photographed this complete series with the Sigam Art 50mm f1.4. A Godox V1 brought some light directly onto the camera, but it was tilted towards the ceiling. The post-processing took place as usual on a BenQ PD3200U in Adobe Photoshop.

The photo series from the holiday apartment in Wiek on the island of Rügen, during our road trip, with the charming model Sophie Art on a coffee table is a wonderful testimony to the joy and fun that we experienced together.

In the recordings, Sophie Art is sitting on the coffee table full of joie de vivre and radiant energy. Her laughter is contagious and lights up the whole atmosphere. We had a great time exploring the different poses and expressions, and the fun we had is evident in every shot.

The apartment in Wiek provided us with a cozy and relaxed environment to create the photo series. The coffee table served as a playful backdrop for Sophie Art to express her personality. The shots not only capture her natural beauty, but also her carefree and lively nature.

During the shoot, numerous pictures were taken that reflect the joy and fun we had together. From playful poses and funny grimaces to heartfelt moments of laughter, each shot tells a story of unforgettable moments and a unique bond between Sophie Art and us.

We are grateful that Sophie Art accompanied us on our road trip and that we were able to create this unique photo series in the holiday apartment in Wiek on the island of Rügen. The pictures will always be a treasured memento of the joyful and fun moments we shared together.

This series of photos reminds us that the fun and joy of life can be found in the small and seemingly everyday moments. Sophie Art made this series special with her lively personality and infectious laugh. The images will always remind us of the joy we had during the shoot and the importance of enjoying life with a smile.

With every click of the camera, new expressive shots are captured. Sophie Art shows her playful side, poses with ease and creates an atmosphere full of joy and serenity. The coffee table becomes a stage for her to express her personality and we capture every nuance of it.

The photo series becomes a living diary of our experiences and the fun we had during the road trip. Each shot reminds us of the exciting adventures we shared and captures the unique moments of friendship and laughter.

Sophie Art gives the photo series a special touch with her charisma and charm. Her natural beauty and playful nature make her a perfect muse for this series. Each shot exudes a lightness and lightheartedness that is contagious and invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of fun and joy.

Using clip-on flashes indoors for portraits - creativity and control over the light for high-contrast images

Using shoe mount flashes indoors when shooting portraits can greatly improve the quality and versatility of your images. Here are some tips and recommendations on how to use shoe mounts effectively:

  • Light Control: Indoors, the available light can often be limited or unfavorable. A clip-on flash allows you to control the light and focus it on the subject. You can adjust the brightness, angle and direction of the flash to create the atmosphere and lighting you want.
  • Using bounce flash: Direct flash lighting can result in harsh shadows and unflattering reflections. To create a softer and more natural light, you can bounce the flash by aiming it at the ceiling or a wall. This diffuses the light and creates softer shadows.
  • Use of light modifiers: To further modify the flash light you can use light modifiers such as softboxes, umbrellas or diffusers. These help to soften the light even more and achieve even illumination. Experiment with different light shapers to achieve the desired effect.
  • Off-camera flash: You can use off-camera flash for more flexibility and creativity. You can either use the camera's internal flash as a control flash or use a wireless flash triggering system. This allows you to place the flash in different positions and create interesting lighting effects.
  • Bounce flash: Another technique is the bounce flash, in which the flash light bounces off a reflective surface such as a white wall or reflector. This creates a soft and diffused light and avoids harsh shadows. Make sure the reflective surface is large enough and the light is evenly distributed.
  • Use multiple flashes: For more advanced lighting setups, you can use multiple clip-on flashes to create targeted lighting. You can use key and secondary lights to emphasize specific areas of the subject or to lighten shadows. Using radio triggers allows you to control the different flashes independently.
  • Practice and Experimentation: As with any photographic technique, using clip-on flashes indoors requires practice and experimentation. Take the time to try different settings, observe the effect the flash has on the subject, and make adjustments if necessary. With experience, you'll learn how to use flash effectively to create stunning portraits.
  • Setting the exposure correctly: When using shoe mount flashes, it is important to set the exposure correctly. You can either set the exposure manually or use TTL (Through The Lens) metering, where the camera automatically meters the exposure based on the flash and the environment. Make sure that the subject is well exposed and that the brightness of the flash harmonises with the surroundings.
  • Emphasize eyesight: A special aspect of portrait photography is emphasizing the eyes. Use the clip-on flash to create a small flare in the model's eyes, giving them expression and vibrancy. Place the flash slightly to the side and above the model to create a subtle accent of light in the eyes.
  • Preserving naturalness: Although shoe mount flashes are a great way to control light, it's important to preserve the naturalness of the portraits. Avoid overly harsh shadows or overexposed areas that make the image look unnatural. Make sure the lighting is balanced and try to keep the subject's natural look.
  • Communication with the model: Communicating with the model is crucial to achieve the desired results. Explain to the model how you plan to use the flash and what expressions or poses you expect. Be patient and encourage the model to feel comfortable and express their personality in the images.
  • Creativity and Experimentation: Unleash your creativity and experiment with different flash setups. Try different positions, angles and light shapers to create different moods and effects. You can also use the option to place color foils or filters in front of the flash to change the light and create interesting effects.

Finally, using shoe mount flashes in indoor portrait photography is a great way to control lighting and create creative portraits. With practice and experimentation, you'll be able to use the flash effectively and get stunning results.

Model: Sophie Art

Publisher: septem sensu

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