Along the Trieb stream to the Weißen Elster

Along the Trieb stream to the Weißen Elster

The Triebtal, a wildly romantic stream valley at the Pöhl dam in autumn

I visit this wildly romantic stream valley at the Pöhl dam at regular intervals. Every time, I am amazed by the diversity of nature. Especially in autumn, the creek has a lot of water, which is loudly noticeable in the roaring rapids. The bright colors of the leaves in contrast to the lush, green rocks are just fantastic to look at.

I photographed this scenery with a Sigma 17 – 70mm Contemporary, at an aperture of 18 and an ISO sensitivity of 100.

To soften the creek rapids nicely, I used the tried and true Haida filters in a combination of the Haida 100 Series filter holder with CPL for contrast and a Haida NanoPro MC ND 0.9 to achieve a nice long exposure time.< /p>I recommend a trip there to anyone who loves nature and loves photography and who is holidaying or living in the Vogtland and has not yet been there. This creek valley is located at the foot of the dam of the Pöhl dam and runs about 2 kilometers to the Elstertal, where the creek then flows into the Weißen Elster. The most interesting places are about halfway. There are many moss-covered stones in and on the edge of the stream. The best time of year to visit is autumn, as the creek has a lot of water here.

The Triebtal is an idyllic and unspoilt valley that stretches along the banks of the Pöhl dam in the Vogtland district in Saxony. With its fascinating landscape and rich biodiversity, the Triebtal is a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers.

A hike through the Triebtal offers a fascinating experience in the midst of untouched nature. There are well-marked hiking trails that take visitors along the river and through the surrounding hills. Along the way, hikers can enjoy the picturesque surroundings, listen to the murmur of the river and observe the diverse flora and fauna.

The valley is crossed by the Trieb River, which meanders picturesquely through the wooded hills. Lush meadows, dense forests and rocky cliffs stretch along the course of the river, giving the valley a unique and varied beauty.

Especially in spring, when nature comes to life, the Triebtal is a true paradise with a multitude of flowers and flowering plants. Colorful wildflowers such as orchids, gentians and primroses adorn the meadows and give the valley an enchanting charm.

The Triebtal also offers a variety of options for bird watchers. Various bird species such as kingfishers, dippers and various songbirds are at home here or use the valley as a resting place during their migrations. With a little patience and a little luck you can observe the fascinating birds in their natural environment and hear their melodic songs.

A combined exposure series of long exposures from the Bach Trieb. The course of the small stream runs in the valley from the dam of the Pöhl dam to the Weißen Elster. Moss-covered rocks and the loud rushing of the wild brook make the Triebtal one of the most beautiful places in the Vogtland for me. The source of the Triebes creek is north of Schöneck. There the stream is still called Geigenbach. After approx. 7 km, the stream is dammed up in the Werda drinking water dam. The drinking water dam is also called the Geigenbach dam. Trieb is the name of the stream after the small town of Bergen. The Pöhl dam is the last intermediate station before the stream flows into the Weißen Elster.

The Triebtal at the Pöhl dam, a popular destination in the Vogtland region

The Triebtal at the Pöhl dam is a truly idyllic and popular destination in the region. With its picturesque landscape and the variety of leisure activities, it attracts numerous visitors every year.

The Pöhl dam, surrounded by dense forests and gentle hills, forms an impressive backdrop for the Triebtal. The valley stretches along the Trieb River, which flows through green meadows and wooded banks. The landscape presents itself in all its natural beauty and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of the surroundings.

A popular leisure activity in the Triebtal is hiking. There are well-marked hiking trails that run along the river, allowing visitors to explore the area. From short walks to longer hikes, there is something for every taste and fitness level. On the way you can admire the breathtaking nature, enjoy the fresh air and unwind.

Another highlight in the Triebtal is the Pöhl dam itself. With its impressive size and clear water, it is not only an important part of the regional water supply, but also a popular place for water sports activities. Sailing, surfing, kayaking and fishing are just a few of the options open to visitors. The dam's calm surface reflects the surrounding landscape and creates a scenic backdrop for water activities.

There are also many leisure activities for families with children in the Triebtal. There are playgrounds, picnic areas and barbecue areas that invite you to linger and relax. The combination of nature, fresh air and active leisure activities makes the Triebtal a popular destination for the whole family.

Landscape photography, the depiction of landscapes in all their glory

A key feature of landscape photography is the emphasis on the vastness and beauty of nature. The focus is on depicting landscapes in all their glory, be it a majestic mountain panorama, a vast plain, a roaring waterfall or a colorful sunset on the beach. It's not just about depicting the landscape, but also about communicating moods, feelings and the photographer's own perception.

In order to create impressive landscape images, it is important to master both the technical aspects and the design elements. Choosing the right vantage point, using light and shadow, choosing the optimal exposure time and using different focal lengths are just a few of the factors that can make the difference between a good landscape photo and an outstanding one.

Another important aspect of landscape photography is patience. It often takes time and perseverance to capture the perfect moment, be it the right light, the passing of clouds or the occurrence of special weather phenomena. Sometimes, as a photographer, you have to be in certain places at the right time, for example to capture the sunrise over a mountain range or the fog over a lake.

Landscape photography also offers the opportunity to use different techniques and tools to achieve special effects. This includes, for example, long exposures, in which moving elements such as water or clouds are transformed into gentle structures, or the use of filters such as ND filters or polarizing filters to increase contrast or minimize unwanted reflections.

In addition, landscape photography allows photographers to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of our environment. It offers an opportunity to escape from everyday stress, to come to rest and to experience nature intensively. Landscape photography can also help raise awareness of environmental issues and the importance of conservation.

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