Shady place in the forest and Lisa in the Audi

Shady place in the forest and Lisa in the Audi

Shooting with Lisa at lunchtime - shadows, lightning and still great photos

What do you do on a shoot in the midday sun?! My solution: I put a car in the forest and then arranged the model in it.

All images are shot with the Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG Art. A Godox V1 flash brought some light support to brighten up. The post-processing took place on the BenQ PD3200U.

In the portrait, Lisa can be seen in a car that exudes an atmosphere of style and elegance. With her radiant smile and sparkling eyes, Lisa draws everyone's attention. Her gaze is full of confidence and her charisma conveys a mixture of determination and composure. You can literally feel their energy and zest for action.

The car forms the perfect frame for the portrait and gives it a certain sophistication.

Taking photos in the midday sun - when there is simply no other way

Firstly, the midday sun creates harsh shadows and strong contrasts in the image. This can result in important facial details being lost or in unfavorable shadows that make the image unappealing. As the photographer chooses a shady spot, the shadows become softer and more even, resulting in a more harmonious and balanced portrait.

Second, the midday sun can lead to overexposed images. The intense brightness of the sun can make it difficult to get the exposure right and preserve the details in the image. By going into the shadows, the photographer has more control over the exposure and can make better use of the light to get the desired result.

Thirdly, as a shady place, the forest provides a natural and pleasant backdrop for portraits. The soft, diffused light falling through the canopy of leaves gently illuminates the face and gives the image a warm and natural feel. The forest also features various elements such as trees, plants, and textures that can add additional depth and interest to the portrait.

In the midday heat, it is often uncomfortable for the subject to stand and pose in the sun for a long time. By choosing a shady place like the forest, the photographer creates a more comfortable and relaxed environment where the subject can feel comfortable and appear more natural.

All in all, it is advisable for a photographer to avoid a shady environment such as the forest when taking portrait photos in the midday sun. This allows better control over light and shadow, creates a comfortable atmosphere and ensures high-quality portraits that show off the natural beauty of the subject.


Publisher: septem sensu

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