Trash shooting with Lisa just in time for Helloween

Trash shooting with Lisa just in time for Helloween

Trash wedding shoots with the model Lisa from Sonneberg - fun on the set and a lot of work

This time, this idea came from my model herself and I thought it was really great to organize a trash shoot with her. We had agreed on an appointment before Helloween, but still on time, and the editing of the pictures was really tight. Shortly before that I created some scenery and arranged straw mattresses, wine boxes, candles and kerosene lamps in the studio.

But the model did most of the work. She was busy for a good two hours creating the matching and perfect make-up, I would like to say a real work of art. The pictures themselves were then in the can within about 20 minutes. I then took the last pictures with fog from a fog machine and these had to be done very quickly, because within 2 minutes the studio was so foggy that you couldn't take any more reasonable photos.

I had a lot of fun again and here I would like to present one of the pictures to you.

Trash wedding shoots - the trendy and unconventional form of wedding photography

Trash wedding shoots are a unique and trendy form of wedding photography that aims to challenge conventional notions of romance and elegance. Shootings like this are about consciously creating an unconventional, provocative and often also somewhat bizarre atmosphere.

Trash wedding shoots are characterized by their rebellious character. They break with traditional notions of marriage and offer an alternative approach to the subject. Clichés and stereotypes are deliberately played with in order to create a unique visual aesthetic.

Different elements and styles can be combined in a trash wedding shoot. From unusual locations, such as abandoned buildings or industrial sites, to eye-catching outfits, such as colorful vintage dresses or unusual costumes, there are hardly any limits to creativity. Make-up, hairstyles and staging can also be extravagant and unconventional.

The purpose of a trash wedding shoot is to provide an alternative perspective on the concept of the wedding. It's not about imitating a real wedding, but rather about combining art, performance and aesthetics. The images should provoke, surprise and stimulate thought.

Trash wedding shoots are an ideal option for couples who want to break away from the traditional wedding photos. They offer a chance to express yourself, show your personality and tell your own unique love story. Such shootings can also be a fun and unforgettable experience for the couple and the photography team.

It's important to note, however, that trash wedding shoots aren't right for every couple or every situation. It takes a certain level of openness and courage to embark on this unconventional style. It is advisable to have clear communication between the couple and the photographer beforehand to ensure everyone's expectations and preferences are taken into account.

Trash wedding shoots offer an exciting and alternative way to creatively document a couple's love and commitment. They make it possible to push the boundaries of traditional wedding photography and create a unique visual narrative. For couples looking for something out of the ordinary and different, trash wedding shoots can be an inspiring and exciting choice.


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