Vivien playing chess - The game of strategies and emotions

Vivien playing chess - The game of strategies and emotions

Vivien playing chess - The game of strategies and emotions

In a fascinating photo shoot, the model Vivien from Gera is portrayed playing chess, which brings both the intelligence and elegance of the game and the model into focus. The setting is carefully chosen: a classic table with an artfully designed chessboard, surrounded by soft, natural light that falls through a large window and creates an inviting atmosphere.

The setting: A harmonious ambience

The room is furnished with elegant but understated furniture that draws the viewer's eye to the chessboard and the model. The natural light streaming through the windows creates soft shadows and highlights that accentuate the model's features and create a calming yet focused mood. The chessboard, with its artfully crafted figures, serves as the central element of the picture and symbolizes strategy and intellect.

The model Vivien: elegance and focus

The model, dressed in a simple but elegant wardrobe that exudes seriousness and class, sits concentrated at the table. The expression on the model's face reflects both thoughtfulness and a calm determination, creating a deep connection to the strategic nature of the game of chess.

The recordings: playing with light and emotions

During the shoot, different perspectives and lighting conditions are tried out. Close-up shots focus on the model's facial features, reflecting emotions and thoughts. These images capture the intensity and quiet tension of the game. Wide-angle shots, on the other hand, show the entire setting, emphasizing the ambience and the elegant arrangement of the chess pieces.

The symbolism: chess as a metaphor

The chess game in this photo shoot serves not only as a game, but also as a metaphor for life and the decisions we make. Every movement, every look and every figure on the board tells its own story and symbolizes planning, foresight and intelligence. The model, in her concentrated pose, embodies these principles and adds a narrative level to the image that goes beyond the purely visual.

The art of portrait photography in natural light

Portrait photography in natural light is one of the most beautiful and authentic ways to capture the essence and personality of a person. This technique uses the available light from the sun to achieve natural and often striking results, characterized by soft shadows and warm tones.

Benefits of natural light

  • Soft and natural effects: Natural light creates soft shadows and a pleasant, even light that is particularly flattering on the skin. Unlike artificial light, which can create harsh shadows and unnatural colors, sunlight provides a natural and realistic representation of skin tones.
  • Authenticity and naturalness: Shooting in natural light often results in more authentic and emotional images. Without the need for flash or other artificial light sources, the subjects photographed often feel more relaxed and natural, resulting in more honest and expressive portraits.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Shooting in natural light makes it possible to work in different locations and environments without having to carry extensive lighting equipment. This can range from indoor spaces with large windows to outdoor locations such as parks, streets or beaches.

Techniques and tips

  • Timing of the shoot: The time of day plays a crucial role in natural light photography. The so-called "golden hour", which occurs about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, offers particularly soft and warm light. The “blue hour”, just before sunrise and after sunset, also provides atmospheric and soft lighting conditions.
  • Positioning the model: The placement of the model in relation to the light source is crucial. Side light can add depth and dimension, while frontal light provides soft and even lighting. Backlighting, where the light source is behind the model, can create dramatic effects and is great for silhouettes and glowing contours.
  • Use of reflectors: The use of reflectors can also be helpful in natural light to brighten shadows and direct the light in a targeted manner. A simple white reflector or reflective surface can bounce light back onto the model's face, providing more balanced lighting.
  • Choice of Background: Background plays an important role in portrait photography. A simple, non-distracting background can highlight the model and draw focus to the face and expressions. Natural backdrops such as trees, bushes, or buildings can also add interesting textures and colors that enrich the portrait.

Challenges and solutions

  • Changing Light: Natural light can change quickly, especially outdoors. Clouds blocking the sun or changing weather conditions can affect lighting conditions. It is important to be flexible and adapt quickly to new circumstances. A good photographer must learn to "see" the light and use it, no matter how it changes.
  • Harsh Shadows and Highlights: Direct sunlight, especially around midday, can create harsh shadows and burnt out highlights. One solution is to shoot in the shade or seek diffused light filtered through clouds or natural diffusers such as trees.


Portrait photography in natural light requires an understanding of different lighting conditions and their effects on the subject. With the right technique and a trained eye, photographers can create impressive and expressive portraits that impress with their naturalness and authenticity. This type of photography is not only technically demanding but also artistically rewarding as it highlights the true beauty and individuality of the model.


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