First shooting with my colleague Lisa (Panda Inside) in my studio

First shooting with my colleague Lisa (Panda Inside) in my studio

Natural talent Lisa (Panda Inside) for the first time in front of my camera - charisma, charm and sure pose

The series was created with my two favorite lenses, the Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 and the Sigma Art 85mm f1.4. Since it was evening, I used two studio flashes (Godox SK400II) with large softboxes, which were synchronized by the Godox Xpro, for light support. The post-processing of the images took place on my BenQ PD3200U and Adobe Photoshop.

The series of photos taken during my first photo shoot with hobby model Lisa (Panda Inside) is a wonderful testament to the joy of photography and the discovery of new talent. Lisa (Panda Inside), not only my hobby model, but also my valued work colleague, gave me the opportunity to capture her beauty and expressiveness.

My hobby photo studio with its natural surroundings provided an ideal backdrop for the photos. The lighting and authentic props created a relaxed atmosphere that made Lisa (Panda Inside) feel comfortable and in her element. We not only had fun taking photos, but also the interesting conversations we had during the shoot.

Lisa (Panda Inside) proved to be a natural on camera. With her natural charisma and her charm, she gave each picture a unique touch. Her joy in posing and experimenting with different poses and expressions made the photo series a vivid expression of her personality.

During the shoot, not only breathtaking shots were taken, but also interesting conversations about art, photography and life itself ensued. Lisa (Panda Inside) not only showed her skills as a model, but also her versatility as a conversationalist. It was refreshing to hear their perspectives and experiences.

My first photo shoot with Lisa (Panda Inside) was an exciting and inspiring moment for both of us. It showed us that you don't have to be a professional to shine in front of the camera and create unique images. Lisa (Panda Inside) proved to us that passion and the joy of expression are more important than experience and perfection.

It's a reminder that we can inspire each other and that discovering new talents and passions can be a source of endless joy and fulfillment. Lisa (Panda Inside) not only showed her beauty in front of the camera, but also her openness, courage and curiosity.

Lisa (Panda Inside) proved to be an interesting conversationalist who openly shared her thoughts and experiences. Through the joint shooting, we not only created impressive images, but also built a deep connection. It was an experience of trust and mutual understanding that allowed us to capture the true beauty of Lisa (Panda Inside).

Lisa (Panda Inside) inspired me with her naturalness and confidence and showed me that photography is not just a hobby, but also a way to express yourself and connect with others.

Overall, our first photo shoot with Lisa (Panda Inside) at Hobby Fotostudio was an unforgettable experience that enriched us both as photographers and as people. We are grateful for the valuable collaboration and inspiring conversations we had together.

I am grateful that Lisa (Panda Inside) gave me the opportunity to capture her beauty and unique personality. Each image shows a different facet of her and captures her authenticity. From playful and lively to thoughtful and thoughtful, the series showcases the versatility and depth of Lisa (Panda Inside)'s character.

Finally, I would like to thank Lisa (Panda Inside) for her cooperation, trust and openness. Through her, I was able to create a wonderful series of images that not only shows her beauty, but also the connection and joy of creating together. Lisa (Panda Inside) showed us that photography is not just an act of capturing moments, but also a way of expressing emotions and telling stories.

Thank you Lisa (Panda Inside) for this unforgettable experience and the wonderful pictures we created together. May they always remind us of the joy and fun we had during this photo shoot at Hobby Fotostudio.

A contract between model and photographer - avoid trouble in advance

It is very important that there is a contract between the model and the photographer. Such a contract serves to clearly define the rights, obligations and expectations of both parties and to avoid misunderstandings. Here are some reasons why a contract is essential when it comes to photo shoots:

  • Legal protection: A contract creates a legal basis for the cooperation. It regulates questions such as the use of the photos, the fee, the rights of use, the duration of the collaboration and other important aspects. The written agreement protects the interests of both parties and avoids disputes.
  • Clarity and transparency: A contract makes it possible to record all agreements in writing. This ensures that both the model and the photographer are informed of the same expectations and conditions. The contract serves as a reference and gives security to both parties.
  • Copyright and rights of use: A contract clarifies the question of copyrights to the resulting photos. It is determined whether the photographer is the sole author or whether the model also owns the rights to the images. In addition, the rights of use are regulated, i.e. how and where the photos may be used.
  • Fee and terms of payment: The contract specifies the agreed fee and the terms of payment. It is made clear when and how the fee is to be paid in order to avoid misunderstandings or delays in payment.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: A privacy and confidentiality agreement may also be included in a contract. The model can determine how their personal data may be used and whether the photos should be published anonymously or with their name.
  • Coverage in the event of cancellation or postponement: A contract can also contain provisions on how cancellations or postponements are dealt with. Provisions may be made for cancellation fees or alternative dates to cover possible financial or time losses.

A contract between model and photographer creates clear relationships, protects the interests of both parties and ensures professional and transparent cooperation. It is advisable to conclude such a contract before each photo shoot to ensure smooth and successful cooperation.


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