Photo series of the couple shooting with Lisa (Panda Inside) and her boyfriend Nick from Plauen in the studio in a natural environment

Photo series of the couple shooting with Lisa (Panda Inside) and her boyfriend Nick from Plauen in the studio in a natural environment

Couple shooting with Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick - impressive harmony in front of the camera

I photographed this series with different lenses from the Art series from Sigma (35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4 and 85mm f.4). Whenever possible, of course with an open aperture. My two Godox SK400II flash units, each with a large softbox, which were triggered by the Godox Xpro, provided the necessary light to take photos at ISO 50. In some situations, however, I needed a third flash, here I used the Godox V1 on a tripod, which was also triggered via the Godox Xpro. As always, the image processing took place on a BenQ PD3200U in Adobe Photoshop and some Topaz Labs plugins.

The photo series of the couple shooting with Lisa (Panda Inside) and her boyfriend Nick from Plauen was a wonderful experience that expressed the unique bond and the love between the two.

The studio gave us the opportunity to create a variety of settings and moods to capture the natural beauty and heartfelt connection of Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick. We used the natural surroundings to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflected their love and affection for one another.

The series of photos featured Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick in various poses and interactions that brought their relationship to life. From loving hugs and tender looks to playful moments of laughter and joy - each picture told a story of deep connection and mutual trust.

The natural setting of the studio helped create a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick could feel comfortable and authentic.

The photo series shows the beauty of love in its purest form. Each image captures the essence of Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick's relationship - the small gestures of affection, the looks of trust and the shared laughs that strengthen their bond. These images will no doubt not only touch the hearts of Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick, but also inspire viewers to reflect on the importance of love and connection in their own lives.

As the couple's shoot continued with Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick in the natural setting studio, we deepened the emotional moments and intimacy of their relationship. Each shot showed their deep connection and their shared dreams for the future.

We experimented with different poses and staging to express the diversity of their relationship. At one point, they sat snuggled up close together on a vintage sofa, gazing into each other's eyes and feeling their love. At other moments, we used the play of light and shadow to capture the romantic mood as they walked hand in hand through the studio's natural setting.

Throughout the shoot we focused on capturing the true emotions and expressions of Lisa (Panda Inside) and Nick. Their smiles, their tenderness and their trusting looks intensified with each shot. Each image told a unique story of love and togetherness.

Couple Shooting - Capturing special moments between two people

There are different approaches and styles to couple shoots that can vary depending on the couple's preferences and the desired outcome. A popular approach is to capture natural and spontaneous moments where the couple interacts with each other and shows real emotions. This can be a walk in the park, an outdoor picnic, or just laughing and talking together.

Another approach is to create romantic and staged scenes in which the couple is staged in a specially chosen setting or setting. Various elements such as flowers, candles or special props can be used to create a romantic atmosphere.

Choosing the location for the couple shoot is also crucial. It can be a place that has special meaning for the couple, such as the location of the first date or a place where important events took place. Alternatively, a scenic location in nature or an urban backdrop can be chosen to create an interesting visual aesthetic.

When setting the lighting, it is important to consider the desired mood and atmosphere of the shoot. Soft natural light in early morning or late afternoon can create a romantic and soft atmosphere, while harsh sunlight should be avoided.

Communication between the photographer and the couple is essential to achieve the desired atmosphere and results. It is important that the couple feels comfortable and relaxed to allow for natural and authentic shots. The photographer can encourage the couple to interact, hug, kiss or laugh together to show the love and connection between them.

In post-processing, various styles and editing techniques can be applied to enhance the mood and look of the images. Highlighting colors, adjusting contrasts, and touching up blemishes can all help achieve the best results.

Couple shootings offer the opportunity to capture the unique relationship and the special moments between two people. They can be used for engagement, wedding or anniversary photography or simply as a way to celebrate the love and bond between two people. No matter what style or approach the couple chooses, the goal is to create an emotional and authentic representation of their relationship that they will cherish forever.

A short checklist of important things to consider for a couple shoot

In a couples shoot, there are a few important things to consider in order to get the best result and create an enjoyable experience for the couple. Here are some tips and hints:

  • Preliminary Meeting: Before the shoot, it is important to meet or communicate with the couple to discuss their expectations, desires and preferences. Clarify the style, the location, the clothing and the desired atmosphere of the shooting.
  • Selection of location: Together with the couple, choose a suitable location for the shooting. It can be a place that holds special meaning for the couple or simply a scenic setting that provides a beautiful backdrop. Think about the desired mood and background for the shots.
  • Outfit selection: Recommend that the couple dress appropriately for the location and desired style of the shoot. Coordinate the outfits to create a harmonious overall picture. Avoid patterns that are too flashy or garish, as these can distract from the actual focus, the couple.
  • Naturalness and Authenticity: Encourage the couple to be themselves and show their natural connection and affection for one another. Give them directions and cues, but also allow for spontaneous and candid moments to capture the essence of their relationship.
  • Poses and Interaction: Guide the couple through different poses and interactions to create a variety of shots. Encourage them to hug, kiss, hold hands, and interact with each other. Avoid poses that are too stiff or appear unnatural.
  • Communication: Keep in touch with the couple throughout the shoot and give them feedback and direction. Make sure they are comfortable and relaxed. Create a friendly and trusting atmosphere to enable natural and authentic recordings.
  • Light and timing: Use the natural light to create a beautiful atmosphere. The golden hours just after sunrise or before sunset offer soft and warm light that is ideal for romantic shots. Avoid harsh midday sun, which can create harsh shadows and unfavorable lighting conditions.
  • Props and Details: Encourage the couple to bring personal items or props that symbolize their relationship or have special meaning. These can be flowers, books, accessories or memorabilia that make the shots more personal and unique.
  • Post-processing: Take the time to carefully post-process the recordings to get the best out of them. Adjust exposure, colors and contrasts to enhance the mood and style you want. Also consider the individual preferences of the couple and make sure that the editing preserves the natural beauty and charisma of the couple.
  • Presentation of the photos: After editing the photos, it is important to present the couple with a selection of the best shots. You can create an online gallery or arrange a personal presentation to get their reactions and feedback. Offer them different options for choosing the final images, such as prints, digital files, or a photo book.

A couples shoot offers the opportunity to capture the love, connection and unique relationship of a couple. By following these tips and using your photography skills, you can create wonderful and meaningful memories for the couple. Remember that every couple is unique and adapt your approach and style accordingly to best express their personality and relationship.


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