Photo series with Lisa (Panda Inside) from Plauen in a green sweater

Photo series with Lisa (Panda Inside) from Plauen in a green sweater

Instagram pictures for and by Lisa (Panda Inside) - An evening in the studio full of ideas and great results

This series was photographed with the Sigam Art 50mm f1.4. I flashed with my two Godox SK400II flash units with large soft boxes to get a grip on the shadows that were triggered by the Godox Xpro. As always, the image processing took place on my BenQ PD3200U in Adobe Photoshop. Again, I would like to give a positive mention to the Topaz Labs plugins, which take sharpening to a whole new level.

The photo series with Lisa (Panda Inside) from Plauen in a green sweater, which was created during a natural portrait shoot in my studio, exudes a unique charm and is perfect for Instagram pictures. Lisa (Panda Inside), with her adorable smile and easy-going style, proved to be the ideal model for this shoot.

The portrait shoot focused on capturing the authenticity and personality of Lisa (Panda Inside). Every moment has been carefully captured to capture the essence of Lisa (Panda Inside)'s character.

The series of photos reflects Lisa (Panda Inside)'s casual yet appealing style. Her green sweater blended perfectly with her natural beauty, bringing a fresh and vibrant vibe to the images. The shots convey a feeling of lightness and lightheartedness that goes perfectly with the Instagram images.

The natural beauty of Lisa (Panda Inside) and the successful staging in the studio make this photo series a visual delight. The images tell a story of simplicity and authenticity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in Lisa (Panda Inside)'s world.

The Instagram images from this series of photos will no doubt catch the attention of followers. The images are perfect for showcasing Lisa (Panda Inside)'s personality and unique style on the platform.

The images will not only wow on Instagram, but also inspire viewers to celebrate their own beauty and authenticity.

We play with different settings and props to vary the atmosphere of the photo series and create a wide range of images. Sometimes we use a minimalist background to emphasize Lisa (Panda Inside)'s facial features and expressiveness. In other moments we use interesting accessories to express their creativity and create images with a touch of individuality.

The green sweater that Lisa (Panda Inside) is wearing gives the pictures a natural and earthy touch. The color harmonises beautifully with her charisma and adds a touch of freshness to the pictures. The play of light and shadow enhances the visual effect and gives depth and dimension to the shots.

During the shoot, the focus is on the collaboration between Lisa (Panda Inside) and me. We exchange ideas and experiment with different poses. We attach great importance to naturalness and spontaneity in order to create images that are authentic and appealing.

Studio portrait photography - a multitude of options for designing professional portraits

Studio portrait photography offers a multitude of possibilities to create impressive and professional portraits. Unlike outdoor photography, the studio allows for complete control over the light, background, and other key elements to achieve the desired result. Here are some points to keep in mind when doing studio portrait photography:

  • Lighting: Light is one of the most important elements in studio photography. You have the opportunity to work with different light sources such as studio flashes, softboxes, light umbrellas and reflectors to create the desired light. Experiment with different positions and angles to emphasize shadows, texture and contours on the model's face.
  • Background: Carefully choose the background to support the mood and style of the portrait. You can use different background colors, background cardboard or even background projections to create interesting effects. Make sure the background doesn't distract from the actual subject, but rather emphasizes it.
  • Posing and Expression: Help your model to feel comfortable in front of the camera and create the desired mood and expression. Give clear directions for poses and try different angles and facial expressions to get the best results. Communication with the model is crucial here.
  • Props and accessories: Props and accessories can make the portrait more interesting and meaningful. Experiment with different objects like chairs, flowers, hats or jewelry to add an extra layer to the picture. However, make sure that the props do not overlay the main motif, but complement it.
  • Image processing: Post processing plays an important role in studio portrait photography. Use image editing software to adjust colors, tweak contrasts, and perform skin retouching if necessary. Be careful to keep the natural look and not over-edit the image.
  • Teamwork: In studio portrait photography, it can be beneficial to work with a team. An assistant can help with lighting, styling and general organization. A make-up artist can provide professional make-up to bring out the best in the model.
  • Equipment: Make sure you have the right equipment to create high-quality studio portraits. This includes appropriate camera and lens equipment, various light sources, light shapers, background systems and, if necessary, a computer for image processing.

Studio portrait photography offers a controlled environment where you, the photographer, have full control over the entire shoot. You can adjust the light, background and setup to your liking and experiment to get the result you want. This control allows you to shape every detail of the portrait and create a consistent imagery.

Studio portrait photography is particularly suitable for formal portraits, business portraits, beauty portraits or artistic portraits. It offers the opportunity to focus entirely on the model's face and personality without being distracted by the surroundings. Targeted lighting lets you control shadows and highlights to create the mood and atmosphere you want.

Another benefit of studio portrait photography is repeatability. Because you control the conditions in the studio, you can easily repeat specific looks or effects for consistent results. This is especially useful if you work for different clients or have a specific style.

Studio portrait photography, however, also requires technical know-how and lighting skills. You need to be familiar with different light sources, light shapers and lighting techniques to achieve the desired result. It's important to control the light so that it flatters the model's face, natural skin tones and minimizing unwanted shadows.

Choosing the right background is also crucial. Depending on the mood and style you want, you can choose between a solid color background, a textured background, or a special background theme. The background should complement the main subject, but not distract from it.

In post-processing, you can make fine adjustments to colors, contrast, and skin retouching to enhance the portrait. However, make sure to keep the natural look and not overdo it.


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